“This course has given me the confidence to help implement vital changes to the organisation in terms of improving performance of employees and the company. Delivered with skill and a glint! Another empowering and enjoyable course. Thank you”

Nadine Southern, Director, Concise IT

Attended ‘Performance Management for Managers’

“The course was exceptional, – easily the best delivered and most useful I have been on, particularly with the interactive activity. I have gained a broader knowledge of what delegation entails and what is required to put it into action. The trainer was excellent, engaging, and knowledgeable.”

Kathryn Young, Senior Planner, Turley

Attended ‘Effective Delegation’

“I have gained an understanding of how coaching benefits the company and the individual. I now know how to structure a coaching session. Tom is an excellent trainer who knows his subjects inside out but more importantly knows how to impart the information in a lasting meaningful, fun way.”

Sarah Henney, White Young Green

Attended ‘Coaching Skills for Managers’

“The course was excellent. The trainer was very responsive to participants. I now have a clearer understanding of what stress is and what causes it. I learned how to challenge my own thinking to prevent stress. Thank you.”

Aisling Lyon, Lifelong Learning UK

Attended ‘Managing Stress at Work’

“The course gave me solid knowledge and also techniques through which to apply it. The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging, turning a seemingly dry subject into an excellent learning experience.”

David Webster, Public Affairs Coordinator, Royal College of General Practitioners

Attended ‘Conducting Effective Appraisals’

“The trainer had a brilliantly natural and engaging style that made the subject come to life. His openness enabled people to feel comfortable in showing their areas of potential weakness. I have gained a clear understanding of how I can influence better in different scenarios.”

Rebecca Fountain, Marketing Manager, Lifelong Learning UK

Attended 'Effective Influencing'

“Excellent. I have gained the ability and confidence to tackle poor performance, along with clear definitions.”

Lynne Farrow, Manchester City Council

Attended ‘Managing Underperformance’

“The course was excellent and reminded me of the power of empowerment. The trainer was high energy and kept us on track despite us being a talkative crowd! Great job!”

Bill Westwater, CEO, Xeros Technology Group PLC

Attended “Effective Delegation”

“I gained a good understanding as to what conflict is and an insight into how I behave. The trainer was both personable and knowledgeable and the course had lots of interaction to keep it interesting.”

Rachael Shephard, Regional Engagement Manager, Royal College of General Practitioners

Attended ‘Managing Conflict using the TKI’

“I now have a clear understanding of how to structure, plan and prepare a report. The trainer was very good at explaining some complex ideas. I learned a lot more than I anticipated and I am looking forward to putting the skills into practice.”

Holly Inglesfield, Lifelong Learning UK

Attended ‘Writing Effective Reports’

“Great engaging delivery and fun to attend. The course had a good mix of different exercises and learning methods. I definitely know how to work on my influencing skills now.”

Jane Regan, Support Services Officer, HM Inspectorate of Probation

Attended ‘Effective Influencing’

“The course was excellent. I have gained the confidence and tools to do a quality appraisal – so much better than I would have done before.”

Alison Hunter, Stagecoach

Attended ‘Conducting Effective Appraisals’

“We were impressed by how our staff meetings improved after attending the ‘Conducting Effective Meetings’ course. They are now far more productive and we manage our time much more efficiently.”

Karen Jones, Practice manager, Fountain Medical Centre

Attended ‘Conducting Effective Meetings’

“I will use everything I have learned when I recruit new staff. The approach was really good – with group activities to keep you interested.”

Jenny Dixon, Office Manager, Calderdale M B Council

Attended ‘Conducting Effective Selection Interviews’

“The trainer was excellent. He had a positive approach, used humour, included everybody and kept examples relevant.”

Helen Dawson, Marketing and Communications Officer, Lifelong Learning UK

Attended ‘Effective Time Management’

“I gained a real reality check of assertiveness in practice, background knowledge and how to implement the skills in the future. The course was very engaging, pitched well with scenarios, role play, video, and additional reading.”

Asha Abdillahi, International Officer, Royal College of General Practitioners

Attended ‘Assertiveness at work’

“I now have a much better structure for taking down notes. It will save me a lot of time not putting down detail that isn’t needed. The training manual is packed full of additional material so the learning can still continue outside of the session.”

S Glacken, Lifelong Learning UK

Attended ‘Successful Minute Taking’

“I now understand what I do right and wrong and I have the skills to drastically improve my own telephone behaviour.”

Training Participant, Concise IT Helpdesk

Attended ‘Professional Telephone Behaviour’

“The best and most useful course I have been on for a long time.”

Nicola Quinn, Royal College of GP’s

Attended ‘Managing Stress at Work’

“The environment that was created allowed me to take risks and therefore develop areas of my presenting that I had concerns over. Many thanks”

Kate Barnett, Youth Justice Board

Attended ‘Professional Presentation Skills’