‘Train hard, fight easy’

Marshall Zukov

These days, it’s difficult for organisations to become successful and stay that way. The pace of change is faster, competition is tougher, customers are more demanding, and so on. At the heart of any organisation’s success are its people. Intelligent, energetic and reliable people but most of all people with the right mix of up-to-date knowledge and skills. That means people who are trained as a central, integral part of their working lives.

Our Aim

Is to help you maximise the performance and potential of your people through our management and personal development training programmes. Our practical courses cover the essential skills and knowledge for effective people management and organisational performance. Our team of qualified and highly skilled trainers are passionate in what they do and bring with them a wealth of practical experience.

Our Experience

Spans over ten years, working with a wide range of clients ranging from International PLC’s to small private companies and across a wide range of business sectors from transport to technology, from public sector to planning consultancies. We have trained thousands of people to manage better – whether the focus is on managing people or performance, change or conflict, we’ve got the essential skills covered.

Our Success

Is built on our commitment to providing the very best training programmes that deliver results and a real return on your investment. Our competitive advantage is rooted in our robust suite of ready-to-deliver courses, which serve as a launching point for faster and more cost-effective programme design. Partner with us to clarify your training requirements, choose your courses and consider a wide range of options for personalisation. Our approach offers a custom look at an off-the-shelf price.

Our Courses

Have been continually developed over time resulting in robust, practical, high calibre, high impact training with carefully engineered content and timings for the optimum learning experience. They are cost effectively delivered in-house or at a venue of your choice and by topic experts. We have a range of options to match your needs – from Half-Day Express Sessions, to Key Skill Masterclass courses to bespoke on-going modular Management Development Programmes.

Here are 4 key reasons to choose us as your training partner

  • Outstanding Feedback

    Our hard work and commitment to excellence is shown in the feedback that we receive from both our clients and delegates. Since 2004 we have trained thousands of people and on average 96% of delegates rated our courses as excellent and 98% said they would recommend them to others. We invest in the continual improvement of our courses to ensure the content is up to date and the learning experience is the very best. It’s the heart of what we do, so we put our heart into it.
  • Tailored Training Courses

    We can personalise our existing courses to produce customised training at off-the-shelf prices or we can design a bespoke programme to meet your specific business needs.

    Select one or more courses + add personalisation options = tailored solution

  • Cost Effective In-House Training

    An in-house training solution is typically more cost effective per head than publically-scheduled courses and can provide greater business relevance. It’s the best way to get the maximum return on your investment.

  • Engaged Learners

    ‘People learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored.’ Our training messages are not hidden under lengthy lectures. We believe that training should be fun, highly interactive and keep the attention of participants. We achieve this by using a wide variety of techniques to meet all learning styles including experiential learning games, psychometric and personality profiling, 360 degree feedback, actor driven role plays, video case studies, skills practice, syndicate group work, videos, group discussions and more – all designed to engage participants and ensure that the learning stays around long after the course has finished. We cap the maximum number of delegates that attend each course to ensure we can give the necessary attention to everyone. 98% of people attending our programmes said they had fun learning.

Our Approach

Clarify Requirements

We want to make sure your training programme is perfectly suited to your needs. Let’s explore the options together. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf ready to deliver course with personalised options or a more comprehensive on-going modular development programme that’s needed, we can help clarify your training needs.

Design Programme

We can help define business challenges, create learning outcomes, clarify audiences, review training choices, explore learning assessment & evaluation options, decide programme branding, discuss budget constraints, and target a delivery schedule. In short, we can design and develop a programme to meet your needs.

Deliver Training

Our courses are cost effectively delivered in-house or at a venue of your choice by a topic expert.


We will provide you with a comprehensive delegate feedback report following the training delivery. We can help with higher level evaluations that demonstrate the transfer of learning and the impact of the training on the organisation.