About the course

“Oh no! It’s appraisal time again! What am I going to say this time? Nothing’s changed since last year. The same old rigmarole!”

Is this how you feel each time you have to appraise your staff? That it’s a chore, that it takes up an awful lot of your time if you’re going to do it properly?

If this is how you feel then help is at hand. This training course may help you to change your mind. It will help you structure the appraisal meeting, get round some of the more awkward things that crop up, and renew your commitment to the appraisal as a vital part of the management practice.

This course illustrates some typical problems that managers and team leaders are likely to face during appraisals and shows participants how to make the meeting a positive experience for both appraiser and appraisee.

Course Outcomes
Participants will:
  • Renew commitment to the appraisal as a vital part of management
  • Gain the knowledge and key skills needed to conduct positive and motivating performance appraisals
  • Apply proven techniques to become an expert appraiser
Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those who are, or will be, conducting performance appraisals of other people and are looking to build their confidence and effectiveness in this essential skill.

Course Outline
Understanding Performance Appraisal
  • Defining Appraisal, its aim and purpose
  • Exploring benefits of effective appraisal
  • The relationship between appraisal & pay
  • Making appraisals meaningful – The difference between expert and average appraisers
Essential Preparation
  • Preparing the appraisee
  • Gathering the information necessary to assess performance objectively
  • Increasing objectivity and removing performance blind spots by using 360° feedback
  • Formulating an agenda and planning the best use of the time
The Appraisal Meeting
  • Creating the best tone and atmosphere
  • Getting the appraisal off to a great start
  • Establishing open and honest communications
  • Providing clear performance feedback
Facing up to the Problems
  • Applying a 3 stage structured technique for managing underperformance
  • Effective techniques for giving constructive and professional criticism
  • Video case study
  • Agreeing ‘SMART’ objectives for performance improvement
Practice and Feedback
  • Participants have the opportunity to practice applying the skills learned in a safe environment within a ‘slow-motion-timepaused’ practice simulation.
Appraisee Development
  • Identifying and prioritising development with your appraisee
  • Using a variety of powerful development methods
Improving as an appraiser
  • Participants have the opportunity to build a personal appraisal skills profile. This uses a self assessment of their own appraisal skills and the perceptions of those they appraise. This profile forms the basis of an action plan to become an expert appraiser.
Video Content
  • The Video Arts production ‘Performance Review: Code Red’ is used to reinforce learning. This memorable programme stars Sharon Horgan and is aimed at managers who know the importance of an employee’s performance review, but usually find them fairly painful to do. Classic ‘difficult’ characters in action are shown with simple and effective strategies for getting them on side.
Personal Development
  • Action planning the transfer of learning to the workplace
What Delegates Say

“The course was excellent. I have gained the confidence and tools to do a quality appraisal – so much better than I would have done before.” Alison Hunter, Stagecoach

“It has made me feel positive about achieving the most from any future appraisals and not seeing them as just a ‘paper exercise’.” Participant from Turley

“The course gave me solid knowledge and also techniques through which to apply it. The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging, turning a seemingly dry subject into an excellent learning experience.” David Webster, Public Affairs Coordinator, Royal College of GP’s

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