About the course

“Oh no! It’s appraisal time again! What am I going to say this time? Nothing’s changed since last year. The same old rigmarole!”

Is this how you feel when it’s time for your appraisal? That it’s a chore, that it takes up an awful lot of your time? That, frankly, it doesn’t merit the time it takes when you’ve got more important work to be getting on with?

If this is how you feel then help is at hand. This training programme may help you to change your mind. It will help you to understand the potential benefits of appraisal and how you can contribute to making it a positive and successful experience.

Course Outcomes
Participants will:
  • Understand what an appraisal is and what it is for
  • Be able to prepare effectively beforehand
  • Learn how to contribute in a way that increases the effectiveness of the appraisal
  • Have more positive and motivating performance appraisals with their manager
Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those who are, or will be, having a performance appraisal at work.

Course Outline
Understanding Performance Appraisal
  • Defining appraisal
  • What is appraisal for? Clarifying the aim and purpose.
  • What should and should not be discussed within appraisal
  • Exploring the benefits of effective appraisal
  • The relationship between appraisal and pay
Essential Preparation
  • How to prepare effectively prior to the appraisal
  • Gathering the information necessary to demonstrate performance
  • Increasing objectivity and removing performance blind spots by using feedback from others
  • Using the STAR formula to demonstrate evidence of performance
Making Appraisal’s Meaningful
  • Contributing to the success of the appraisal by managing upwards
Video Content
  • The Video Arts production ‘Performance Review: Every appraisee’s dream’ is used to reinforce learning and is aimed at employees approaching their review. The video displays the positive side of performance reviews and gives a full and vivid illustration of just how well they can go when they’re handled properly by both parties. It shows the appraisee just what can be achieved from a successful review.
Question and answer session
  • Participants have the opportunity to ask question, express queries, worries and any concerns
What Delegates Say

“I have a clearer understanding that it is about managing an appraisal myself and not just about the appraiser running it. Very well taught course.”
Melanie Taylor, Turley

“I have gained a true understanding of the purpose of appraisal and how I should approach the process to get the most out of it.”
Fiona Lowndes, Royal College of GP’s

“The course was brilliantly executed, very engaging and a breath of fresh air compared to other training facilitators.”
Lucy Howes, Associate, Iceni Projects

“I now know what to expect, ask and discuss in an appraisal. I thought it was a worthwhile course and will make appraisals more user friendly. I felt comfortable in the session and I was not pressurised to answer – I wanted to join in.”
Participant from Turley

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